Interview mit Matt – Associate Director bei Amoria Bond


Matt (31) is Associate Director and manager of the automotive team in Cologne. He is originally from Manchester and moved to Cologne in August 2014.

Why did you decide to work for Amoria Bond?

„My friend already worked here and recommended recruitment as a great opportunity to earn good money and have career progression opportunities. I received two job offers in recruitment at the same time but I accepted Amoria Bond based on the people I met. The culture seemed to be really young and ambitious and the potential incentives offered were outstanding.“

When did you start working at Amoria Bond and which professional experience did you receive previously?

„I started working here in December 2007, previous to this I worked for a Finance Company arranging Loans for Cars and Holidays, then I worked for an Engineering Company in their Sales Department for around 12 months.“

Since when are you part of the Amoria Bond management?

„I was promoted to Business Manager in December 2012 at The Bellagio in Las Vegas. Previous to this I was already mentoring people in my team, I actually started mentoring my first Trainee within 12 months of joining the company.“

How was your join into the management? Were there challenges you had to tackle?

„For me personally I found it difficult to understand that people are motivated in different ways, it took me a certain amount of time to develop myself in this area. I also had to realise that’s important to celebrate every small step along the way and to encourage people as much as possible, as it can be a very difficult job if you are not experiencing the success of making placements but still working hard and putting all the effort in. Having belief in someone can be very empowering!“

How does your everyday work change?

„My work has changed in that I no longer focus on sourcing candidates or speaking to clients. I am now more focused on hiring people for my team, coaching and developing them to be great recruiters, supporting them on key decisions within their business such as negotiations and face to face meetings, lots of analysis and being creative with team targets / competitions. I also have to report on my teams progress and results monthly to the Board of Directors.“

What are the essential tasks of your job? How runs a typical working day?

„Every morning I review the previous days figures for my team, I then check that everyone has the right plan for the day and ensure that I am up to date on any important activities such as final interviews or job offers from clients that will arrive in the following days. I could then be involved with interviewing new people for my team, delivering a training or coaching session or having a business review with my MD. Today I will prepare the Presentation for the Open Evening we will be doing next month for potential new employees.“

How close is the contact to your colleagues?

„Really close, we spend a lot of time together, both inside and outside the office. We do a lot of fun events; we visited Escape Rooms in Cologne recently and also went to Phantasialand last year. Yesterday evening we went to the Beach terrace in Cologne and enjoyed some drinks in the sun as summer has finally arrived here.“

How do you support your team?

„I would like to think that I support my team both personally and professionally, I am here for them whenever they need me and they can always ask me for help. This could be to help them enable their personal goals such as buying a car or booking a dream holiday or it could be helping them prepare for an important client meeting by role playing the scenario.“

Enterprise philosophy, working atmosphere and work-life-balance. How does it work at Amoria Bond?

„We have an extremely positive and fun environment at Amoria Bond, we work hard but we also make sure that we have plenty of opportunities to enjoy ourselves both inside & outside of work. It’s a very young and dynamic place to be with colleagues that all share similar ambitions.“

Retrospective, how do you look on your career at Amoria Bond?

„Reflecting back on my career so far I feel very grateful that the opportunity I was given to join the company and very proud to be at level 7 of the 10 steps to the top. I was promoted to Associate Director recently at our Summer Sales Conference in Ibiza which was a wonderful experience.“

Which plans do you have for your occupational career? Were do you want to be in three years?

„I am keen to grow my team further within Germany, I now have my target to become a Director and wish to hit this and be on the way to becoming an MD. I would also like to get involved with helping Amoria Bond set up another new office in either the South of Germany or potentially North America.“

In your opinion, which properties should a candidate have to do a good job at Amoria Bond?

„Firstly you need to be prepared to work hard, anyone that wants to be successful has to put in the effort. Secondly, you need to have resilience, the ability to learn from your mistakes and not let failure get you down. Thirdly, you need to have clear goals to keep you motivated to put yourself through the pain you will need to go through to be successful and finally you should be positive, if you think and act in a positive way, positive things will happen!“


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