Recruitment Consultant – just a job or a mission?

People have different opinions about a career as recruitment consultant.

Recruitment is a thriving, multi-billion pound industry, satisfying the needs of 1000’s of job seekers and employers each year. Total recruitment industry turnover increased by 9.7 per cent in 2014/15 to reach £31.5 billion [source: Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)] in the UK.  The global employment and recruitment industry records 8.6% annual growth. “The sector is leading in a changing world of work where expert, tailor-made and adaptable work solutions are already a necessity and will continue to be so in the future.” – Ciett 2016 Economic Report.

Despite this, the general perception about recruiters by job seekers and companies can be quite negative, this is not uncommon in the service sector.


But is it really just a job?

No – we call it a mission!

During a recent strategy meeting some of our family members (employees to other companies) sat down and discussed what we actually do as recruitment consultants, here are some of the tasks that we actually do:

  • We are presenting opportunities to help people achieve their dreams
  • We present companies with opportunities to improve their bottom line performance
  • We are taking people to places they cannot go themselves
  • We help people to find the invisible jobs
  • You are coaching and guiding people through interviews and give them career advise
  • You work as a strategic partner to your client
  • You are a specialist networker for candidates and clients and find the right fit for both parties
  • You are impacting on a level you will not achieve in many other careers – you are changing life’s, changing people’s paths
  • You work strategically and will be seen as an expert in your market, which makes you a great advisor
  • You are a reliable, trustworthy partner for your clients and deliver valuable solutions
  • You are giving yourself the opportunity to improve your life and develop on a personal level on a daily basis
  • You are on a personal development plan disguised as a job
  • You are managing your own business and can make a difference to other recruitment companies


At Amoria Bond we believe that one of the keys to success in this mission really is a positive mindset and a positive attitude. It’s 80% mindset, 20% skill.

Indicators of someone who has the right mindset:

They believe in their abilities and potential ,they are optimistic but also realistic. They believe their success is in their own hands. They see failures, set backs, and mistakes as learning and growth opportunities. They aim to make every single day a masterpiece. They take complete ownership for their business and results.  And finally they follow through on their actions and commitments

We believe 100% in the potential and commitment of all our employees that’s why we brought them all in as partners in our journey. That includes everyone on our teams. We work with them to help them develop their mindset as part of our commitment to helping them to “be their best”.


Do you believe in your potential?

Do you want to go on that mission with Amoria Bond?

Do you want to grow with us and develop personally to your full capacity?

Get in touch to learn more about what it means working as a recruitment consultant for Amoria Bond.

Not a Job – a Mission!

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