Why we exist – progression and personal development

Why we exist – progression and personal development

Recruitment companies and recruitment consultants exist to earn money right?

Well not quite all of them.

At Amoria Bond money is like our food, oxygen and water, it helps us exist, but it is not the reason we were started, it is why we exist. Amoria Bond was born out of a dream to offer unrivalled progression to anyone who joins our organisation.

Our mission is simple:

To be the best company in which recruitment consultants can practice the recruitment profession, giving unrivalled progression, training, development, and support to enable us to give the highest quality global service to our clients and candidates through an ethical and professional approach.

And the best thing is there is no limit on that progression: be it career, market, sector, country, earnings, and achieving personal dreams – there is nothing off limits with us.

Our mission is about progressing people, and we just happen to do recruitment to get there.

Amoria Bond could also be described as a personal development company disguised as a Recruitment Consultancy, whether it is through becoming excellent planners, to better sales people, to expert head-hunters, to simply becoming a better version of yourself. We believe in offering everyone a personal development experience and journey.

If we choose it, every day can be a personal development day and that helps us progress with our journey towards reaching our potential.

People that started with Amoria Bond have experienced some great progression along the way – not only at work but personally. Here are some examples of our current employee’s great personal development within Amoria Bond:


Recruitment Consultant – Cologne

First of all I had the pleasure to move to the great city of Cologne. I meet some great people that I enjoy working with (made really good friends and even best friends). I became a great sales person and developed skills I didn’t have before. I learned how to deal with stressful and difficult situations and to build my resilience and persistence. I was able to go on business trips and sales conferences and work in a very international environment. I helped people to get better jobs and clients to find the right talents.


Head-hunter – Cologne

Overall I learned more about recruitment and how recruitment works in general. I became more assertive on the phone and in personal life. I learned how to get out of my comfort zone and how important it is to stay positive at all times and to be more patient with clients, candidates and people in general. I experienced how important it is to keep good friend, family and people who makes you happy close and how important it is to make new ones.


Recruitment Consultant – Amsterdam

My development as a person since joining Amoria Bond:

I became more patient and more aware of my feelings and how to manage them.

I achieved better communication skills, better sales skills and better management skills. I learned to be more organized and structured.

My development on a professional level:

I paid off a house and the house of my parents and even bought a 2nd house. I earned a commission paycheck of 30k in Q4 in 2015. I am able to work with some of the best in the recruitment profession and I am able to change many lives and help people & companies to achieve their dreams and goals. I was able to join the best lunch venues and company trips.


Recruiter – Cologne

I am much more assertive now and more confident dealing with people at different levels. Working here helped me to come out of my comfort zone and become braver and show more courage. It helped me to believe more in myself and my strengths.

I always dreamed of living and working in Cologne and finally made it. I am now doing things outside work I wouldn’t have done before.

I was always a very shy person that couldn’t speak in front of people or with strangers easily. Amoria Bond helped me to overcome those fears and constantly develop this further.


As a company we invest in our people to constantly improve and develop – not only on their sales and recruiting skills but also in achieving their goals and dreams, handle difficult situations and develop their self-management further. We regular offer training in the areas of goals setting and have even worked with an organisation who coaches Olympic athletes.

If you would like to learn more about what being a Recruitment Consultant at Amoria Bond really means then please get in touch.